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It has taken a few months and a couple of changes in direction, but i settled on producing high quality cookies and brownies that taste great as my business. My original idea was iced biscuits. I love making these these but it is a labour of love not a viable business as it just takes so long. Where as cookies and brownies can be made in a quarter of the time and taste so good.

I spent many years trying to think of a business idea, over many a cupcake, brownie, etc have i sat there thinking what do i love to make and will enjoy for the rest of my life. It is quite often what is right in front of you that you ignore. Even once you think i should do this, you then think well surely everyone who bakes thinks at some point they should they set up a business. But then i thought well that is it, people think of doing it but never do. With the encouragement, guidance and inspiration of my wife i have done what i have thought of doing for 15 years and set up a baking business.

I have signed up to a number of farmers markets as you can see in the markets tab, set up a website so people can order for local delivery or collection. But how can i get more people to taste my product. So here is a couple ideas:

1 - Deliveroo

2 - Sell at festivals

3 - Sell nationwide

4 - sell a wider selection of products

5 - Wholesale

6 - marketing on social media

These are some of the ideas, but all take investment in time or money, so i need to consider the impact this could have on me as i work a full time job, my family as i balance the business vs time with them and as i want to self fund the business the impact of my finances as well as my families finances.

So to sum up, i am confused, terrified, worried but loving every second of it.

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