Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your cookie dough 'edible'?

Good question, we heat treat our flour to remove any bacteria, we also use pasteurized egg whites, so there is no chance of salmonella.

How is your cookie dough best served?

It is best served at room temperature straight out of the jar.  Or, follow the Baking Guide if you want cookies.

How to store the product?

Either keep refrigerated and consume within 3 months.  Or freeze for up to 12 months.

When do you deliver

All orders are posted within 48 hours from order via next day nationwide UK delivery, via Royal Mail.

For Good Friday weekend or Christmas, please contact us.  

Do you do local deliveries?

Yes, local delivery is available to customers who live 5 miles of our location in Guildford (Postcodes: GU1 - GU8, GU21-GU24 and KT24)

Socially Distanced Deliveries

For those who are eligible for a local delivery, all deliveries will be socially distanced and 'Covid safe'.

One Nut Baker used to deliver cookies and brownies, do you still do that?

Yes, but we are changing the format slightly.  For local customers only, we will be offering special 'farmers market' boxes alongside our market weekends. You will be able to order cookies, brownies or buy a mix n match box    Keep an eye on social media for updates.

Which farmers markets do you attend, can we come and see you?

As it currently stands (March 2021), One Nut Baker is a regular stall holder at Godalming, Milford, Haslemere and Horsley markets.  However many of these of markets have had to be put on hold due to covid restrictions.  

To find out what markets are on, where and when please follow us on social media.

I have allergies, is your dough safe to eat?

We list all ingredients and highlight any allergens on the product page as well as on the product labels.  Please contact us if you are unsure.

I am vegan, is your dough okay to eat?

Currently our dough is not vegan friendly, but we will work on this in the future as long as it does not impact the high quality we demand for the cookie as dough or when baked.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes all our packaging is recyclable.  Even the freezer pack, or just reuse it yourself.