Why 'One Nut Baker'?

In February 2014 I found out I had testicular cancer.  I found it early, and 'righty' was removed and I didn't need chemo.  When major life events happen they can have a big impact on you.  Your focus shifts to what is truly important, and the things you love doing.

Baking had always been a side passion of mine.  Yet, after cancer it had more significance.  So when I finally decided to take the step and create my own baking business, I knew exactly what I was going to call it! 

One Nut Baker - for that is what I am!


If customers notice the name they assume it is because we use nuts in our products, or that I am a bit 'nuts'.  If someone asks we always tell them. 

I am very open about my experience of testicular cancer, and where appropriate I share my experience and hope in my own little way I am raising awareness.  I encourage you to make sure you check your dangly bits regularly. 

One Nut Baker - for that is what I am.

Our Business Story

We started in 2019 selling artisan cookies and brownies at farmers markets in Surrey and Waverly.  After an amazing start, covid-19 happened, and everything just stopped. 

My wife, Sam and I floundered a bit to be honest - like a lot of us processing a global pandemic, undertaking 'home-schooling' and working from home full time - surviving each week relatively unscathed was all we asked for!

As things settled we found a new balance.  We started doing socially distanced home deliveries in Guildford, Godalming and Woking. 

Keeping the business ticking over till markets started to return.

Just as things started to improve further local and regional lockdowns happened, with many Christmas markets being a shadow of their former selves.


We knew that starting a business would be tough, but this took the cookie! 


Sam & Lewis, Godalming Market

In early 2021 we got to thinking....everyone loves eating left over cake mix and cookie dough, it instantly takes you back to your childhood baking with a grown-up in the kitchen.

Any leftovers in the One Nut Baker kitchen are always snapped up, so we wondered...people love our cookies, would people buy One Nut Baker cookie dough?

So we started researching into 'edible' cookie dough that is safe to sell, trialing different recipes and doing market research. We discovered that our tried, tested and much love cookie recipes only needed to be made with heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs to be sellable.


We are so proud of the cookie dough we developed, eating it evokes such strong childhood memories, while still producing amazing results when baked as a cookie. It is also free of artificial flavoring's, colours and palm oil.

In March 2021 we released our four core products - browned butter choc chip, triple chocolate, oat and chocolate and s'moreish (white and semi sweet choc with marshmallows).  .

Selling our product locally and via the post - we are going from strength to strength.  

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